Yes Man - Danny Wallace

Yes Man - Danny Wallace



Danny Wallace

Publication Date: 

July 2005

Blurb on the Back:

'I, Danny Wallace, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write this manifesto for my life. I swear I will be more open to opportunity. I swear I will live my life taking every available chance. I will say Yes to every favour, request, suggestion and invitation. I WILL SWEAR TO SAY YES WHERE ONCE I WOULD SAY NO.'

Danny Wallace had been saying No. Far too much. No to his friends, no to his colleagues, no to the pub and no to himself. And his life was dull, dumped by his girlfriend and on a road to nowhere. It was only when a mystery man on a late-night bus uttered three magical words that his whole world started to change...

And Danny did.

In the months that followed, he won £25,000, he met Buddhist monks, alien obsessives and the world's only hypnotic dog. He became a minister, an inventor, a minor television personality and an accidental peace activist. He ended up in Singapore, In Amsterdam and in a small mining town in South Wales, he lost £25,000.

Yes Man is the story of what can happen when you decide to say YES to absolutely everything, but how do you do it without anyone noticing? And what happens when someone finds out? As Danny discovered, life can become a whole lot more interesting... And will never be the same again.


(note this is a repost from 11 April 2013)

Yup ladies and gentlemen, two reviews for the same author in one night but that's just how they came out of my cupboard. I'm going to leave books for a night or so after this and do a couple of Cd's and Podcasts.

Anyway on with the review. Technically can be seen as the "Sequel" to Join Me as it finds Danny on a low ebb after the events of Join Me. He's no longer with Hanne, ignoring family and friends and worst of all not even heading to the pub for a pint. He's gotten used to the word No, and as a result he is going nowhere.

That all changes when he meets a random person on the bus who has three words of advice "Say Yes More" And Danny does for the next year he tries to say yes to everything (with the occasional tweak so he does give all his money to Nigerian kings.) It leads him on a journey that sees him go all around the globe. However there is an evil nemesis in the background... Someone who knows that Danny just can't say no to anything.

The story is at time frantic but never the less it is laugh out loud funny in some parts, touching in others and most of all it makes you think what opportunities you are missing out on just by saying no to something.

say Yes to this book and as a result I said yes to go and see the movie that was made based on it even though it had Jim Carrey in it who is an actor I just don't enjoy watching. Sure the movie wasn't that great but at least i tried something I normally wouldn't have done.

A positive thinking book that is up there with Lucky man by Michael J Fox.

10 out of 10.

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