An Introduction.

Hello my name is Dave

I know I have put up a number of posts already but I was moving stuff over from an old blog. I decided to concentrate my reviews in one place and Wordpress wasn't working for me. my old blog was review and remove and had reviews on CD's and apps as well but I wasn't enjoying writing about them, so I have decided to concentrate on my main passion (bar my loving son) Books.

A bit about myself.

I'm 30 love books and that's about all. I'm on goodreads.com please add me on there if you like my reviews. I'm attempting the 2014 reading challenge and have set myself a target of 75 books in 2014. As of today (02/04/14) I am on 23 out of 75, so that may be amended upwards as the year goes on. I will be posting reviews based on these books as I write them so If you want to find out what is upcoming then look at my reading challenge list. Once they are done I will hit the back catalogue of stuff I have already read and try and keep up with what I am reading.

This is a bit of a rambling post but I wanted to say Hi.

Please feel free to comment or add me on google + or follow me on twitter (@dwjjones1).

Peace out


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