Dying to Forget (The Station #1) - Trish Marie Dawson


First Edition - 06/01/2014

Genre - Young Adult/ Teen

While classed as a Teen/ Young Adult novel it is not one I would recommend for younger teens as the subject matter especially in the Prologue and Chapter one is disturbing and even as a mature adult at times I felt that it went too far.

Despite this Trish Marie Dawson has put together a fascinating novel which was very hard to put down. It follows the death and afterlife of Piper Willow, an eighteen year old who finds herself at "The Station." A place in the afterlife for those who have taken their own life.

After all the paperwork (yes it does not end) is done, Piper is left with a choice, either to move own and eternally suffer with the guilt and knowledge of what she has done or to "Volunteer" and go back to life as the subconscious of someone that has found themselves in a similar situation. Someone who may end up taking their own life. Her mission to guide them away from the abyss.

The story follows Piper's first couple of volunteer missions and provides a positive and uplifting story as she reconciles her problems through helping others. Of course being a series the novel finishes on a cliffhanger which as a reader was completely unexpected (though on a reread I admit the signs where there)

The novel while short is wonderfully written and paced, Trish Marie Dawson has provided an engaging  and thoughtful approach to the subject matter. She approachs the subject with sensitivity and the occasional humor which has resulting in an uplifting piece of literature.

As mentioned from the start the subject matter would mean I wouldn't recommend it to the younger part of the demographic that it is aimed at, however, as long as they have the emotional maturity to deal with such subject matter then it is definitely a fufilling read.


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